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Modúl GA3064: Log Foghlama 4

LEARNING OUTCOMES: The module aims to encourage students to reflect on lifelong language learning. The focus is on literature as a resource for the language learner and developing critical and creative thinking. Reading material for the language learner, and the adult learner/reader in particular, is the primary focus.  A further aim of the module is to build on students' cultural awareness and personal development during collaborative pair and group activities in a blended learning approach throughout the semester, as well as during a short language immersion experience. The potential of networking with other language learners and competent speakers in the minority language context is explored and practised.
SYLLABUS: The role of motivation in language learning - life-long learning; cooperating and networking with other Irish language learners and speakers; using computer assisted support tools for group work; insights into form-focused language learning; listening and reading processes; acquiring pronunciation; identifying common errors in the target language; strategies enhanced for communication and presenting; a task-based and problem solving learning approach to learning; critical analysis of progress in the four language skills and insights relating to cultural awareness; developing a life-long language learning plan; Gaeltacht learning experience (4).