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Modúl GA3033: Scríbhneoireacht & Scileanna an Léinn

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Engaging effectively with academic register in Irish can be particularly challenging for students, most of whom are second language speakers and often with little exposure to various registers of the language. The aim of this module is to increase students’ ability to carry out academic research and writing in Irish by increasing their awareness of academic register in Irish and by developing their academic and language skills.

SYLLABUS: The module will be of interest to students of Irish in the University of Limerick and other third level institutions, students who wish to carry out some or all of their research projects (e.g. their final year project) through Irish, professionals involved in research or academic writing through Irish. It is possible to register on a link-in basis and complete this 6 credit module without registering for the full Diploma programme.  
The writing process; writing strategies; characteristics of academic writing; analysis of Irish language academic texts; writing exercises; library skills and finding sources; the literature review; critical analysis; developing an academic voice; Harvard referencing conventions; language awareness; grammar and accuracy; useful resources; reviewing and proofreading; peer support; effective academic presentations.