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Modúl GA3023: An Cleachtas Dátheangach

LEARNING OUTCOMES: To promote understanding of and a positive attitude towards bilingualism; To engage with the concept of the Irish language community, comprising both traditional and new speakers, and to promote understanding of their heterogeneity in terms of sociolinguistic background, motivations and language practices; To aid students in fostering enhanced relationships with Irish speakers of different sociolinguistic backgrounds; To examine the various forces impacting on the use of Irish as a language choice, both within and outside of the Gaeltacht; To promote critical thinking in regards to official language policy and public attitudes to Irish.
SYLLABUS: Bilingualism/multilingualism internationally; the benefits of bilingualism; English-Irish bilingualism in Ireland and the Irish language community; the Census and other data sources; language shift historically, official language policy and examples of language management; language dynamics in the contemporary Gaeltacht; Irish language use as a language choice governed by various societal forces; power, equality and language rights; raising children with Irish: challenges and possibilities; Irish language networks, community engagement, new speakers and current sociolinguistic research.