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Seachtain na Gaeilge 2019

Aonad na Gaeilge UL programme of events is available here 

Details about UCH events celebrating Seachtain na Gaeilge are available here 

The schedule of events being organised by Comhluadar Luimnigh, a local network for Irish speakers in Limerick, is available here 

Our Blog - Líonra

This blog is for anyone studying Irish with Aonad na Gaeilge, Ollscoil Luimnigh or indeed anywhere in the world. It is written by our language tutors and learners. We are interested in putting learners of Irish in touch with each other. We hope that this blog might be a new networking and language practice space for you and for other learners/users of Irish out there! The blog entries are directed at learners at various language abilities and these are identified by the accompanying tags.  We include a short summary of the content of each blog entry in English for your information.

We are interested in helping you to create new habits to improve your language proficiency and language awareness outside of the classroom.  We would like to cater to the various interests and motivations for learning Irish that you may have. We welcome your suggestions for materials on this blog and for language themes that you would like to explore. Your ideas on creative ways of using Irish beyond the classroom are most welcome also.

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The latest articles and lessons can be found under the Cúinne na dTuismitheoirí tab. Alternatively, please click on the pictures below to view.