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What is Orientation at UL

Orientation for most courses is a one day programme that will help you become familiar with your course and the facilities and services available to you at the University of Limerick.

01 - Welcome ADDRESS

During the welcome session either the President of UL, Professor Des Fitzgerald, or the Vice President Academic and Registrar (acting), Professor Pat Phelan, will welcome you to the University. You will also hear from the Dean of your faculty and the Students’ Union. At the end of the Welcome Session you will be introduced to your Orientation Guide.

02 - Orientation Guides

Orientation Guides are current students who will show you and your new classmates the different facilities and services available to you as a student of the University of Limerick. During Orientation, if you have a question or if you need a bit of advice, your Orientation Guide is the person to ask.

03 - Introduction to your Academic Department

At your Academic Department Meeting you will meet the faculty and the staff members who will lecture and assist you during your studies at the University of Limerick. During the information session you will be given an overview of how the department is structured and you will also hear about the Student Advisor System operated by the University of Limerick.

The Student Advisor System is designed to provide support for students while at the University of Limerick. Each student is appointed an advisor who is an academic member of staff and usually teaches on the students course. All students are encouraged to meet their Advisor during the first couple of weeks of first year.

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04 - Introduction to your Academic programme

At the Introduction your Course Meeting, the Course Director will take you through your lectures, tutorials and labs schedule. You will also be told about module electives and module registration. Your Course Director will also give you an overview of the course that you are studying. If you have any questions about the course, your Course Director is the person you should ask.

05 - Garda Vetting

New Students on Programmes: LM030, LM031, LM038, LM090, LM092, LM094, LM095, LM096, LM100, LM101, LM102 and LM120 are required to undergo Garda Vetting. The information pack includes the necessary documents for the UL Student Vetting process. Please ensure that you read the information carefully and complete the Garda Vetting Application Form, and, if necessary, the Parental Consent Form prior to Orientation Week. They will be collected from you during the Garda Vetting Orientation session. International Students will be required to submit a Police Clearance Certificate. Further details are available on the UL Student Vetting website -

Vetting is also required for LM150, LM152 LM154 & LM156. The Health Service Executive West will conduct the Garda Vetting for LM150, LM152 & LM156 and Garda Vetting packs will be furnished for LM150, LM152 & LM156 students prior to Orientation Week.
For students on LM154 the Daughters of Charity will conduct the Garda Vetting and Garda Vetting packs will be distributed to LM154 students at Orientation.

06 - Enrolment

During enrolment the University checks whether you have completed the online finance task and enrolled online for your programme. In addition, there is a verification process to ensure that your legal name is recorded on your student record. Finally, you are issued with your Student ID card.

To complete this process you must have your student number and present one of the following: ∞ Passport ∞ Birth Certificate ∞ Evidence of a Legal Name Change ( Marriage Certificate or by Deed Poll). Driving License/Age Cards are NOT accepted.

HEA Equal Access - To help make progress on this equality goal, UL gathers Equal Access information each year at registration on students’ socio-economic background, disability and ethnicity and returns it to the Higher Education Authority.  The information gathered during registration is protected by robust data protection policies in your college and in the HEA, in full compliance with data protection legislation, and subject to audit by the Office of the Data Protection commissioner. Find out More