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Supporting your Transition

To all first year students, I wish to extend a very warm welcome to the University of Limerick. You are entering an exciting new stage of your lives and your success in UL academically, socially and personally will reflect your engagement and involvement in all the university campus has to offer.

Some of the supports and offerings in UL at the beginning and throughout your first year include:

  • Orientation: meet your fellow students, enrol in your course, meet the staff and tour the campus.

  • First Seven Weeks: there‚Äôs a Hub for all your questions and seven weeks of activity for new students.

  • Academic advisors: each of you are allocated an academic advisor related to your study area to assist with queries you may have.

  • Peer advisors: UL students are based in the Library to assist you and help your transition.

  • Learning centres: there are five learning centres which may be able to assist with your studies if required.

  • Counselling, medical and chaplaincy: available for students to engage with where necessary.

  • Clubs and Societies: 70 Clubs and Societies to try out and get involved in.

  • Class reps: elected by your class to represent certain concerns/ issues for the class and plan social events

These are some of the offerings available to you over your time as a student in UL, please engage with them. The very best of luck!

Sarah Gibbons

Student Engagement and Success Unit


Michael Smalle
Librarian, Student Engagement and Success

Michael Smalle

 My name is Michael Smalle and I am a librarian here at UL. My role is to work with and assist first year students in using the library's resources. For the first few weeks I'll be working with Peer Advisors to make your transition into studying at university easier. Peer advisors are students at UL so they know where everything is and will help you if you have any problems with logging on, looking for books, using the library catalogue, Email and printing. They will be positioned at the lobby of the library at the beginning of term wearing red T-Shirts. They are there to help you so please don't be afraid to ask them any questions you may have. We will also organise library tours
for you to show you where everything is and where you can study. Throughout the year we will also be teaching you key skills to ensure you do well in your studies.

Deirdre Murphy
First Year Student Support Coordinator 


Sarah Gibbons

Sarah Gibbons
Educational Developer

Michael Smalle

Michael Smalle
Librarian for Student
Engagement & Success