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Pre-2017 Leaving Certificate

Minimum Entry Requirements

Applicants are required to hold at the time of enrolment the established Leaving Certificate (or an approved equivalent) with a minimum of six subjects which must include:
•         Two D1 grades at Higher Level; and
•         Four D3 grades at Ordinary Level or four E grades at Higher Level
Subjects must include Mathematics, Irish or another language, and English.


Specific Subject Requirements

The revised Leaving Certificate grading system has been set in bands of 10% replacing the previous grading system that was based on bands of 5%. In setting entry requirements based on the new grading band, in some instances this resulted in an increase in the standard required for entry. Where this occurs, in the interests of fairness and equity, all applicants seeking admission, including those presenting pre-2017 Leaving Certificate, are expected to achieve this higher standard. For example, for entry to LM116 Engineering an applicant is expected to have attained at least a grade H4 in Higher Level Mathematics. A grade H4 represents the band 60-70%. The equivalent grade from the pre-2017 Leaving Certificate to attain a minimum standard of 60% is a grade HC2. The table below indicates the main grade bands that are being used on our undergraduate programmes and the Pre-2017 grade that is required.

New Grade % Mark Pre-2017 Grade % Mark Standard for Pre-2017
H3 70-79% HB3 70-74% Same as Pre-2017 entry
H4 60-69% HC2 60-64% Increase on Pre-2017 entry
O2/H6 80-89% (based on O2) OB1/HD3 80-84% Increase on Pre-2017 entry
O3/H7 70-79% (based on O3) OB3/HE 70-74% Same as Pre-2017 entry
O4/H7 60-69% (based on O4) OC2/HE 60-64% Increase on 2017 entry


If you have a student seeking entry in 2017 based on previous year sitting of the Leaving Certificate advise them to do the following

1. Check the entry requirements for the programmes in which they are interested

2. Use the above table to determine what the revised entry requirements are for previous sittings of the Leaving Certificate.



The following table applies in relation to points scores for pre-2017 Leaving Certificate. Note that the Grade E at Higher Level is recognised for points purposes similar to the recognition of H7 at higher Level.

Grade Higher Level Points Ordinary Level Points
A1 100 56
A2/B1 88 46
B2/B3 77 37
C1/C2 66 28
C3/D1 56 20
D2/D3 46 12
E 33 0