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How do I set up my Computer and Email account? What if I forget my password?

To activate your UL Student Computer Account and Microsoft Office 365 Student Email Account do the following:
Change your initial password as follows:

  • Your Account User Name is your Student ID number which is on all correspondence you received from the University of Limerick
  • Your Initial Password is your Date of Birth in the following format ddmmmyyyy(no spaces) e.g. 21Feb1997
  • Go to and follow the instructions for setting your new password.

Self-Service Password Reset

  1. Register NOW at the web site.
  2. Log on with your Student ID Number with UL\ at the start e.g. UL\15123456, and enter your mobile phone number
  3. If you forget your password later you can reset it by answering the same questions at the web site.

Please make a note of your new password. This password gives you access to your Student Computer, Student Email Account and Student Portal.

Accessing Your Email Account

  • After 15 minutes you can access your Microsoft Office 365 Student Email Account.
  • Go to
  • Your Account User Name is: your Student ID Number followed by e.g.
  • Your password is the one that you have created above.

If you are experiencing any problem with your account please email and include your Student ID, name, date of birth, home address, personal email and a contact telephone number.