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How do I set up my Computer and Email account?

Step 1- Activate your Student Computer Account

You must activate your UL student computer Account by

A) Changing your Initial password

B) Registering  for self  Service Password reset

Your username is yous student ID number

Your Initial Password is your Date of Birth in the following format ddmmmyyyy(no spaces) e.g. 21Feb1997


Changing your initial Password

  1. Go To
  2. Enter your Account Username (Student ID number) and Initial password (see above)
  3. Enter a unique password  and click update
  4. You will be automatically redirected to the Password Registration Service.
  5. You will be asked to login usisng your Username and New Password.

Registering for Self Service Password Reset

Registering for Self Service Password Reset  allows you to reset your computer account password usisng a security code issued via SMS. Please follow the on screen instructions. If you are not automitaclly redirected go to

Once your student computer account has been activated  you will have access to the student Portal  and a range of computer resources both on and off campus.


Please make a note of your new password, as this will be required to complete the rest of your enrolment and to access computer resources in the University of Limerick. Students must reset their Student  Computer Account Password at a minumuim once every 360 days. Your student email account can take up to 36 hours  to be created after activation.