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HEAR and DARE Admissions Policy



Eligible Candidates

Candidates who are eligible to be considered under this policy must have provided all detail required by the application process and satisfied the criteria under the HEAR and/or DARE schemes.  Further details on the application process and the criteria for the scheme are available at  Candidates can only be considered for admission to the university of Limerick where they have included university courses in their Central Applications Office (CAO) application.

Entry Requirements

Candidates who are eligible under HEAR and/or DARE must satisfy the minimum entry requirements for admission to the university and the specific subject requirements for the courses to which they are applying.  There are additional requirement for the following courses:

CAO Code Course Additional Entry Requirement
LM090 Bachelor Of Science in Physical Education Minimum of 400 points
LM100 Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy Minimum of 400 points

Admitted students may also be subject to university and, where applicable, professional fitness to practice policies.

Places Available for Entry to 2019/20 Academic Year

The university reserves a number of places that are available to eligible HEAR and DARE candidates on a reduced points basis.  The number of reduced points places are calculated on the basis of a quota for each scheme as follows:

  • Up to 7% of places on each programme of study to those who are eligible under HEAR
  • Up to 5 % of places on each programme of study to those who are eligible under DARE

In the case of some programmes a fixed quota applies.