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Deferring a place

Applicants offered places through CAO may apply to defer their place for one year.  If you wish to defer an offer of a place you do not accept your offer. Instead, you must email or write to the Admissions Office immediately. You can also request the deferral on the Admissions website:

You must give your name as it appears on your CAO application, quote your CAO application number and the course code of the offer you wish to defer, and set out the reason(s) for the request. Applicants must mark “DEFERRED ENTRY” clearly on the envelope or in the subject line of the email.  The letter or email must arrive in the Admissions Office at least two days before the ‘Reply Date’ shown on the Offer Notice.

Deferrals will not be granted to applicants who take up another third level place or who go back to school to repeat Leaving Certificate. If the deferral is not granted applicants may then accept the offer for the current year providing they accept the offer by the ‘Reply Date’.


First year students who enrol on a place in the University of Limerick, and subsequently find that they cannot continue with their studies, may apply to the Admissions Office to be considered for a deferral up to end of week three of semester one.  The reason for the deferral request must be clearly stated and supported by relevant documentation (such as medical certification) if appropriate.  Normally deferral requests cannot be considered after week three.

Please Note; There are no deferrals granted for LM101 Graduate Entry into Medicine


In order to take up a deferred place, you must:

1. Re-apply through CAO in the succeeding year and pay the appropriate application fee. You must complete the application form in full and follow all of the instructions carefully;
2. Place the deferred course as your first and only preference on the application form;       
3. Indicate your deferral by ticking the deferred place indicator box on your application.
It is important to read the letter granting you the deferred place for further instructions. You will breach the conditions of your deferred place if you enter more than the single deferred course code on your application. In that event, you will forfeit the guaranteed place and enter the competition for places in the normal way.
When reapplying in the succeeding year, you must complete an application FULLY. In other words, you must include again any personal information and documentation, etc., which you provided with the original application (unless instructed otherwise in your deferral letter).


You can apply to defer entry on to your programme for one year. To make an application you should do the following:

  • Do not accept you Central Applications Office (CAO) offer in the manner shown on the Offer Notice
  • Go to and submit an enquiry choosing Deferral as the Help Topic. Include the following detail◦Your CAO application number
  • The reasons for requesting a deferral
  • A contact telephone number.
  • You must submit the request at least two days before the "Reply Date" on the Offer Notice.
  • You will be contacted by telephone with the outcome of your application. Taking up a programme at another institution, including taking another CAO offer, does not constitute grounds for deferral.

Procedure for Following Year
In order to take up a deferred place you must re-apply through the CAO by the 1st February in the following year and place the deferred course as your first and only preference. If you apply in any other way, your deferral will not be applied and you will be considered on a normal competitive basis. A deferral is only valid for 1 year.